For years, we have been fighting for women's rights. And with success.


The so-called Three K’s like Kinder, Küche, Kirche (children, kitchen, church) are no longer the vocation and lifestyle of a modern woman. But they have not completely disappeared, they have been only replaced by other Three K’s: Karriere, Kampf, Kompromisslosigkeit (career, competition and compromise).


In the fight for the equality of men and women, we moved to the men’s world in order to fight for our place at the side of men and to assert ourselves, without even realizing it. To ensure survival in this struggle, we have adopted male values and qualifications. The fact that we are suppressing or even denying our feminine qualities is by no means obvious. We retain our male "armor" even if the fight is no longer important. And we don’t notice this either.


The masculine body of a woman is the new female beauty ideal. This ideal spread by social media is more like the slender, angular male physique than the rounded female body with soft forms.


The display of femininity is so deformed that we perceive it only as an external appearance, which is presented, for example, by body-toned clothing. This contorted perception leads to femininity becoming a negative term and often being confused with sexiness.


Nowadays masculinity and femininity have lost their real significance and have become gender stereotypes. Even though the biological difference between man and woman is obvious, and was created by nature with a certain purpose.


I AM NOT A MAN! #samesamebutdifferent - Under this motto, we want to take up a, in our opinion,  very important issue and make society think. Devaluation of femininity - what is it for a process? Why is femininity is especially rejected often by a women? Why should women dress in unisex clothing and not look like women anymore? What is femininity and what does it mean to be a woman? How important is femininity to society and what does its disappearance from the public eye mean?


We would like to go on this exciting trip with you and find answers to all these questions. We report on our findings in our online magazine "I AM NOT A MAN!".

Text: Jana Rat

Foto: Maren Schabhüser